Why Dr Foot?

Dr Foot is a promise of honesty at the heart, every products is a unique blend of selected ingredients to take care of your lifestyle. We bring you complete Foot care to bring out the best in you.
Our unique formula is put together through extensive research & clinical studies and the product efficacy is tested and proven by dermatologists. All effective ingredients in the DR Foot formulation function synergistically to lighten skin color through a process that is natural, reversible and completely safe.
DR Foot is constantly looking at bringing in innovations that suit consumer’s needs and aspirations


In Cosmetic’s segment we offer quality and comprehensive beauty solutions to our end user and professional users.


Our business operation is guided by the following values:
- Product Standard Quality
- Innovation
- Honesty and Trust
- Quality Assurance
- Focus on the User
- Social Responsibility


Take over the leading market position in the segment of cosmetic care products in the Indian market and to become the first choice of end users as well as professional users.