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Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel Moisturizes Callus Cracked Rough Dry Dead Skin and Corns, Softens Thick Painful Nails – 100gm (Pack of 4)

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Why it Works

Dr Foot foot heel gel strength 20% Urea Ultra Softening Gel is a light, smooth Gel developed for removing dead skin and the toughest of calluses & corns. Concentrated Urea breaks down rough skin while Shea Butter and Aloe Vera soothe and moisturize. Light, non-greasy & fast absorbing, made in the India under exacting standards, using only the best ingredients. 

Products Benefits: 

1. MOISTURIZING FOR DRY, CRACKED, ROUGH SKIN: Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel feet intensively and quickly moisturize, soften and smooth thick, callused, scaling skin. 

2. MINIMIZES CORNS & CALLUSES, REDUCES CALLUS BUILDUP: This cracked heel foot Gel rehydrates and nourishes dry cracked skin, removes dead skin to help get rid of corns and calluses. 

3. PREMIUM QUALITY FORMULA: This wonderful foot care Gel is specially formulated with carefully selected ingredients that will give you unique results fast. Urea Gel is commonly used to reduce itching and prevent dry and scaly skin. The pure formula of the Gel is incredibly effective yet gentle on your skin so it can be perfect for all cases and skin types. 

4. Dr Foot Foot Heel Gel Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the feet skin. Repairs dry, cracked, rough, bumpy, and aged skin. Minimizes appearance of corns and calluses. Softens and Nourishes thick, gentle exfoliates scales and dead skin. 

5. Softens & Nourishes the Feet. Recommended for both men and women. No harsh chemicals. Use regularly for best results 

6. Dr Foot Products are Made With Cruelty Free, Dermatologist Tested, Safe For All Skin Type, Non Toxic


Urea 20%, Salicylic Acid 1%.


1. Soak your feet in warm water. 
2. Dry your feet using a soft towel.  
3. Apply the gel to the soles of the feet and massage it into the skin. 
4. For best results. Repeat twice daily.

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